I couldn’t imagine how much I would miss weddings before the Covid-19.

Daniel & Sophie’s wedding had to be postponed but finally, we could enjoy it with by their beloved ones (what a team!).

It was my first time at Finca Santa Lucia, a rustic wedding venue in Mallorca, surrounded by greenery and full of beautiful spots for the photos.

Vivi Eventos & Decoración was in charge of the event’s design and planning, and Fosh Catering was serving delicious food and cocktails during the wedding day to all the guests.

It was a great pleasure for me to photograph Sophie & Daniel’s awesome wedding day at Finca Santa Lucia and I can’t be thankful enough to all their guests for being so kind to me and create a magical atmosphere for the couple.

One of the best things that being married in this Finca is that the couple can get ready there before the event. That way the bride, the groom, and some of their guests could be relaxing and getting ready slowly there, without spending hours at the car going from one place to another. This is a very important fact that can be the difference between enjoying that moment or being in a hurry and stressed before the ceremony, so I can’t recommend you enough to find a venue with a room for getting ready there if you are thinking about getting married in Mallorca.

Sophie’s beautiful dress was from Kelly Faetanini and matched perfectly with her style. How important is it to feel like yourself in your wedding dress!

Before the ceremony, all the guests enjoyed a welcome drink on the patio, and then the ceremony started.

The civil ceremony was done outdoors, with a beautiful chapel as a perfect backdrop for all the guests to witness the couple’s “I do”

Best part? When the newlywed came out dancing and jumping down the aisle.

After the ceremony, we stayed a few more minutes around the ceremony location to have a quick photoshoot with the couple and the bridal party.

Is very important for me to have the time for taking some beautiful group photos. I know they are not the most spectacular ones, but years of experience teach me that these photos are very important over the years.

Of course, I took some candids during the cocktail, but I also had time for a mini- couple session around the Finca.

Brandon, from Empire Entertainment TCT, was brother-in-law, speaker, and DJ all day with a big smile on his face and amazing energy.

Can’t wait to see the wonderful job Alexandra and Dima made with the video!

fotografia de boda que muestra una bouganvilla en la finca
bride getting ready in Mallorca wedding venue
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decoración de la boda con arreglos florales
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bride getting ready with make-up artist
bridesmaid having fun in Mallorca
novia poniéndose el vestido el día de su boda
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Daniel Gruska + Sophie wedding day
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Daniel Gruska + Sophie wedding day
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Daniel Gruska + Sophie wedding day
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